There’s a Truck in My Basement!

The Renewable Energy Southeast Team is super excited to be working with Modern Rustic Homes constructing an extremely energy efficient dream home near Jasper, Georgia.

Truck in My Basement

The family of 6 gets the entire Solar Thermal Enchilada:

Terrace/Basement Level Radiant Floor Heating – The sun will heat water running through the slab.  With the power of radiant heat, the main level floor will be 5 degrees warmer than the slab temperature!  Comfy Comfy!

Radiant Floor Cooling – In summer mode, our exclusive system will provide cooling, reducing energy use, and saving money during summers in “The Beautiful South”.

Pool Heating – The swimming pool season will be greatly extended using free energy from the sun.

Domestic Hot Water – And of course, even with 4 young children, much of the family’s hot water will come from the sun’s free energy.

To start harvesting free energy from the sun, call 404-643-4745 today!

No rate increases guaranteed!


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