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Solar-Powered Radiant Floor Heat/Cool

Solar-Powered Radiant Heating/Cooling in another beautiful Georgia Home. 4700 sq. ft. of money-saving year-round comfort, in progress! Free heat in winter, free cooling boost in summer. Call 404-643-4745 to learn more. There are still very good (personal & business) tax…

Can Clouds INCREASE Solar Energy?

When it comes to Solar Thermal (Water/Pool/Space Heating), clouds can sometimes actually INCREASE the amount of heat-generating UV radiation hitting the earth’s surface! It’s a not-so-well-understood phenomenon called “Cloud UV Enhancement”. “…it’s possible to get sunburned on a cloudy day.”…

Blue Ridge Home Builders Showcase 2016!

The Renewable Energy Southeast team heads to beautiful North Georgia Saturday 10/1 for the 6th Annual Blue Ridge Home Builders Showcase 2016.



Just like the Sun’s Energy, the event is Free!



Stop by our booth in Downtown Blue Ridge City Park 9a-5p and learn more about our innovative, efficient, & affordable solar water and space heating solutions.


Call 404-643-4745 today for a free site visit, and start taking charge of home and business energy costs.


Blue Ridge Mountain Sunset