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Solar-Powered Radiant Heating/Cooling in North Georgia

Another solar-powered radiant heating/cooling project (in progress) in North Georgia!

Turns out, it can get mighty chilly in the North Georgia Mountains.

This family of 6 will use the sun’s free energy for:
Year-round hot water.
Wintertime home heating.
Pool heating.

Our unique summer cooling option will also reduce the home’s AC load during Georgia summers.

1000’s of dollars worth of energy falls on your home & business every year.

Call 404-643-4745 to begin harvesting free energy from the SUN!


Blue Ridge Home Builders Showcase 2016!

The Renewable Energy Southeast team heads to beautiful North Georgia Saturday 10/1 for the 6th Annual Blue Ridge Home Builders Showcase 2016.



Just like the Sun’s Energy, the event is Free!



Stop by our booth in Downtown Blue Ridge City Park 9a-5p and learn more about our innovative, efficient, & affordable solar water and space heating solutions.


Call 404-643-4745 today for a free site visit, and start taking charge of home and business energy costs.


Blue Ridge Mountain Sunset


Solar Power is Growing Strong!

We recently teamed up with Renewable Energy Northwest for this project near Boise, Idaho. The 3-panel system provides hot water year-round, pool heating, and will even help keep the home warm in winter. Interested in learning more? Call 404-643-4745 to…