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New Solar Thermal Video!

Here’s a new video showing off some great solar thermal projects. Solar-powered radiant floor heating/cooling, domestic and commercial solar hot water and pool heating, and holistic solar solutions with electricity-generating solar photovoltaic. Call 404-643-4745 to learn more about using free…

Solar-Powered Radiant Heating/Cooling in North Georgia

Another solar-powered radiant heating/cooling project (in progress) in North Georgia!

Turns out, it can get mighty chilly in the North Georgia Mountains.

This family of 6 will use the sun’s free energy for:
Year-round hot water.
Wintertime home heating.
Pool heating.

Our unique summer cooling option will also reduce the home’s AC load during Georgia summers.

1000’s of dollars worth of energy falls on your home & business every year.

Call 404-643-4745 to begin harvesting free energy from the SUN!


Can Clouds INCREASE Solar Energy?

When it comes to Solar Thermal (Water/Pool/Space Heating), clouds can sometimes actually INCREASE the amount of heat-generating UV radiation hitting the earth’s surface! It’s a not-so-well-understood phenomenon called “Cloud UV Enhancement”. “…it’s possible to get sunburned on a cloudy day.”…

Happy Customers!

This Blue Ridge, Georgia couple grows most of their own food, and an efficient wood stove provides the home’s heat. Now they’re harvesting free energy for most of the household’s hot water! This affordable 20-tube solar thermal panel + conventional…