Happy Customers!

This Blue Ridge, Georgia couple grows most of their own food, and an efficient wood stove provides the home’s heat.


New Garden Harvest!

Now they’re harvesting free energy for most of the household’s hot water!

This affordable 20-tube solar thermal panel + conventional water heater (backup/solar storage) is all they need.




Ground mounts are among the many placement options available.



Simplicity Works!

Call 404-643-4745, and learn how growing your own energy makes economic, (not to mention common!) sense.

The 30% Federal Tax Credit (ITC) for residential/commercial renewable energy projects is alive and well.  It’s a credit, not a deduction ($ off your tax bill).


Solar Storage/Backup Water Heater

Be Smart. Take Control. Grow Your Own…  Energy!


Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors

No Rate Increases, Guaranteed!

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