About Us

picGrowing up on a farm living the green life was nothing out of the ordinary for me. It was a common place, common sense thing that we did just as part of how we worked in harmony with nature.

From re-using when we could, and recycling when we couldn’t, it was just a part of daily life to compost our egg shells and do the things our grandparents taught us about respecting the land.

It is that same spirit that first got me interested in green technology like Solar PV and Solar Thermal. Our planet is rich with resources and has everything we need right here to live abundantly.

georgia solarAfter years of researching I finally found an energy efficient and affordable system that offered all the functionality I needed to start saving on my own homes energy cost.

I was so impressed, and saw my area lacking in green energy solutions, that I knew I had to find a way to offer it to YOU!