Solar-Powered Radiant Floor Heating/Cooling

In addition to domestic hot water and pool heating, our radiant floor heating/cooling systems also use the sun’s free energy to save you even more money and deliver unsurpassed comfort for years to come. These pictures capture the 3 different…

Solar-Powered Radiant Floor Heating Tune-Up

  The Renewable Energy Southeast team recently worked with Mountainside Plumbing Inc and Serenity Renovations to tune-up this solar-powered radiant floor heating system near Talking Rock, Georgia. We maximized the system’s solar thermal (converting solar radiation into heat) efficiency. Now the solar…

Why We Only Use Uponor (PEX-A) Piping

Video shot at advanced radiant heat training at the Uponor factory in Minneapolis.
PEX-A is the best of the PEX!
We use only Uponor PEX-A in all our solar hot water and radiant heating/cooling projects.
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